Friday, July 1, 2016


Yup my second space pirate husband. 
I think this is a sign, guys.

Over spring break I went to the library to grab Lair of Dreams by Libba Bray as well as a book I planned to read for school. Well my luck would have it, the book I placed on hold didn't arrive until the night before I returned to University. But alas Lair of Dreams was there. Unfortunately, I was unable to finish the sucker before I left, I could predict this outcome but my one goal of the break was to finish a book for leisure. So on a whim I picked up StarFlight by Melissa Landers.

And it was the best decision I could have made that entire trip home.
Lets talk about it.

StarFlight by Melissa Landers
(I stole this picture offline because It has been basically forever since I returned it to the library)

(I'm not going to lie to you guys, because we are friends, I started this post months and months ago and I don't even know where to start right now. So be prepared for probably a ton of gushing and sporadic remembering the plot and little things I appreciated. Okay cool thanks!)

Starflight by Melissa Landers was a uniquely crafted joy ride. We start off being introduced to Solara Brooks, a criminal who is wearing the shame of her crime on her knuckles.  The tattoos scare off any opportunities she had in place after graduating so her grand plan is to escape to the Outer Realm, where she can start a new life where she won't be judged for her past. So far her plan isn't going too hot. Currently stuck on her home planet her only way out is to pay with her service to someone flying out into space, but no one is willing to let her tag along.  That is until her arch nemesis of many years, Dorian Spaulding enters frame with his unpleasant girlfriend in tow.  The two enemies strike a deal and she is granted passage on his ship. From this point the story unfolds into a marvelous space adventure like nothing I've ever devoured in all my 20 years on this beautiful literate earth.

And I am beyond excited for the second one.
Fun fact: I believed this was a stand alone until approximately two months ago. (Did I mention already it has been quite some time since I've read this book.) (I am thoroughly ashamed. I know!!)

Still, without any spoilers, I'd just like to mention my reasoning for why I found this book so incredibly enjoyable. There were so many fantastic tropes! Obviously, everyone has different preferences and some might even hate the ones I found so lovely in this book, but a slow burning romance hooks me and reels me in like the #1 fisherman of this universe would if I were the most beautiful, gullible trout in the river.

So let that image marinate in your beautiful mind and then after being thoroughly disturbed actually realize what I was trying to get across and then head to your local library, or book shop, or online bookstore, or even go straight to Melissa herself and give this puppy a go.

Then we can screech about the sequel coming out in February 2017 together!

Honestly I went into this totally blind. I had heard the name, but knew nothing of the synopsis and I loved every second. So from the small bit of information I gave you, you should be intrigued enough to dive into it as well and then come back to me to discuss spoilery stuff haha :)


Friday, April 29, 2016


These actually don't annoy me at all how awesome is that?!?
After writing this I realize most of these tropes don't happen in books often if at all.


     It's so childish and true. People, especially the girls I feel, get so mad at this male counterpart, because they are so stupidly in love with them but can't admit it to themselves. This other person has so many flaws that they love and they hate that they love them so they pick and pick and pick at these qualities. My favorite example of this is Jimmy and Cindy's relationship off of Jimmy Neutron.
Although this is a children's cartoon and not a book at all I feel it is the best example. Therefore i'm bringing it up. Their bickering was so perfect! It's just one of those situations where the outside party knows they need to be together. As a viewer you just know they need to be together. And another thing I love is slow burning relationships and the hate they think they feel adds that to the table.  They go on for so long hating each other until so slowly they learn to trust each other, but they won't ever admit it until the one day they finally do and everything is right in the world because two of the insufferable idiots you ship are finally admitting they are fond of each other. I now see that even as a toddler I was trash.


Another couple I enjoy:

     Valek and Yelana from The Poison Study Trilogy by Maria V. Snyder!

While their hate is not as fiery, the love is extraordinarily slow burning and i'm into it.


     Extra happy points if the two characters also hate each other. One of my favorite literary devices is foreshadowing and I feel like putting two characters in a situation where they have to act the part is a really hilarious way to insinuate the future of the two of them. Not only that, but normally those situations are so tense. Whether that be sexually tense or hate fueled or both. I love it all. The sarcastic pet names and almost always having that, "kiss or it's not real" moment, because that usually leads to at least one of the characters realizing they might have feelings for the other. It all just gets me so pumped for them and the story and what happens next.

Great Examples:
  • The Wedding Date
  • Leap Year
  • Bounty Hunter
  • What Happens in Vegas
  • My Fake Fiance
I realize these are all romantic comedies which I will not admit to loving, but it's pointless because I do. 
I now see that I have read little to no novels with this trope and that makes me sad. Maybe i'll just have to incorporate it into my own book. Jeez. If you want something done right gotta do it yourself am I right. 


     I realize now that This also happens with Jimmy and Cindy, but mostly I was thinking of the movie 6 Days 7 Nights. Also the Blue Lagoon movies. Golden. That isolation is obviously a large part of why they end up liking each other. Think about it. NO matter how much you hate this other person, after a while, after learning more about them and having to learn to trust them in order to survive is a huge bonding experience. And I love that. 
     One of my favorite books I've ever read with this trope somewhat involved was actually on one of those websites like Wattpad, except i'm pretty sure it was like..a teen nick website? I don't remember.
     Anyways. Not an island, but i'll get to explaining myself.
All I remember was this high school (?) went on a trip where they stayed in apartments or maybe they were visiting a college?? Anyways this boy and girl (who hated each other which I loved) ended up having to room together? I don't remember if it was an accident with the faculty or if it was a punishment I can't remember. Maybe a teacher wanted them to learn to be nice to each other? Basically the book was great. The girl has a realistic, imperfect body which was relatable and she did dumb things and the boy was an asshole and they fought and bickered and were awful to each other but eventually started caring for each other and he saves her at one point and there is a lot of letting out deep thoughts and feelings and then eventually falling in love and it explored insecurities and trusting others and it was great. I read a lot of really awesome book on that website as a youngin'...
     Anywho, I think i'm realizing I enjoy reading about relationships where you see the bonds forming and get to watch them strengthen and grow over time, because they are more passionate and more exciting to root for. 


     One time I heard someone else say this was one of their least favorite tropes because it allows the author to essentially erase everything a character has done in the past and start over again. I understand that, but I've never read a book where memory loss has harmed the plot or completely change the character. From the two I can recall, it was used as a device to launch the plot forward.  And let the reader be able to experience what life would be like if this character was a different kind of person.
     In both of my experiences the memory loss happened to a character that was quite awful, but I liked them anyways (one more than the other). 
In Charlene Harris' Sookie Stalkhouse Series there is a part in one of the books where one of the characters loses his memory and it was one of my favorite parts of the entire series. He is evil but when he loses his memory he turns into this giant puppy dog, the sweetest thing. I loved this because it happened at a time where this character appears as a potential love interest, but Sookie hates him. Having him behave, for once, let the reader see these two together if they happened to ship them (which I did so thank you Charlene!). But it also led to them having a deeper connection, allowing him to appear in future installments in the series as more than just the bad guy. 
For my second, and most recent read with this trope which happens to be Starfight by Melissa Landers we see basically the same thing. In actuality this novel includes all tropes I've mentioned so far which is probably why I enjoyed it so thoroughly. Once again the memory loss needed to happen in order to move the plot forward, plus it was wonderful to see this piece of shit acting super nice and sweet. The difference with this one was the tension the reader felt any time the character almost remembered what was happening, due to circumstance. But once he regained his memory it went right back to normal which was hilarious and terrifying as a reader. Then we delve into a beautiful novel about hate turning into love and all my favorite tropes are included and it's utterly fantastic. 

And my last trope!


     I'm sure there are novels out there with this aspect, but I've not read any. So tell me about them haha. PLEASE! I mainly had to add this because of Mulan. As I have aged, now being the 20 year old woman I am, I realize that Mulan is my favorite Disney movie and this is one of the biggest reasons why. The act of dressing as a man so she could participate in the fight and all that jazz ended with a large point about gender and sexism. How women are just as good at stuff as men. Maybe even better sometimes. We shouldn't be silenced. We shouldn't be looked at as treacherous or evil. Always working with the god damn devil, jeez. I know that is an older idea, but still it makes me roll my eyes. 
Anyways, it is just a really great movie.
And Be A Man is basically my anthem. 

That's all I've got for today folks. 

I know there is sure to be a ton I missed. These are just the ones I wrote in my phone one afternoon when I should have been paying attention to my history professor. If there are any books you know of, or movies even, that have any of these tropes in them feel free to recommend them to me! I would be forever grateful!

Anyways, there is a postcard coming your way from the outer realm I believe. 


Tuesday, March 15, 2016



But i'm sorry. 

I started this blog last summer...and now it is spring of 2016 and I just remembered that I even started it in the first place. (I have an awful memory.) So I decided I want to try again! 

Not even gonna lie I read over my last posts and decided I was hilarious and by not continuing on with this hobby I was probably letting down the bookish community.

Coming to you live from my disgustingly untidy, probably too tiny, not decorated at all out of stubborness, too many books for my makeshift bookshelf, I don't even have a comforter, spent that money on books, I am actually so poor, wow college is so great, DORM ROOM!!!!! Woooowwwww!

I am going to attempt to make the effort to actually do this this time!
I mean...I did it last time...but for only two months.
And while I created great content, It wasn't enough content. 


Also here is a picture of my dog to make up for the fact that I wasn't here. 
(No one reads this so this is mostly to cure my guilt.)

Saturday, August 1, 2015



I have just finished my very first book by the Agatha Christie! It was called, most appropriately, The Moving Finger. I can only guess why this name was chosen. Maybe for how the blame was always switching to a new person? Or since the story dealt with nasty anonymous letters it means to foreshadow the plot? Who knows but Agatha. The writing was so lovely and fun. I couldn't even tell you what year it was, but I felt like a quiet, simple, young, English woman every time I picked it up.

The Moving Finger by Agatha Christie
(Cute little hardback I acquired from a shelf in San Diego)

Jerry is a pilot who after an awful crash is told to get out of the city and rest. "Stay away from excitement!", Doctors orders. So his sister Joanna, who is very much a city girl, volunteers to join him on an adventure to the country side. They rent a house from a rather old woman and plan to entertain themselves with the gossip of the small town. That is until one day they receive a letter in the mail. You know the letter, an anonymous letter made up of cut up words from a book. They laugh it off and label it an awful practical joke to the new guys in town until they discover that the letters are very much everywhere, addressed to everyone, and will eventually make for a very exciting stay in the country for the pair of siblings.

Jerry is a very ordinary guy with quite a nice little knack for police investigation. When his home away from home turns into a crime scene he finds himself along side the police force aiding them in the search for justice! His sister Joanna is quite a bit peculiar for the proper idea of a women back in the day. Very independent and headstrong she is aware of her feminine powers and isn't afraid to use them when she feels it is necessary to get what she wants. You only get a hint of her personality throughout the book, but she still manages to be a delightful character, especially knowing the rest of the female cast is very old-timey, having that 'the men are always right' frame of mind.
You genuinely felt like you were reading a version of the board game Clue, put into playfully delicate words. Every character has a known occupation and a funny old name. It is very hard to picture anyone being quite young, that is besides the childlike Miss Megan Symmington. I loved Megan the second she is introduced in the book. It is easy to love her and pity her because she is so forgotten by the world and seems to be lost in her path. The book revolves some around The Symmington household and certain events that occur there that intrigue most of the town but mostly our main character Jerry.

The plot is quite slow and nothing too exciting happens but it is a one sitting type, light, and fun read (even if it is a murder mystery novel, which I found extremely unique). I had no expectations going into this novel and I think that made for the best experience. In the end the story turned out to be everything I didn't know I wanted and I genuinely enjoyed it. The longer I sit here, the characters lapping back and forth in my brain, the more I am realizing how much I already miss them (Especially Megan).

Basically, I think any person interested might thoroughly enjoy this book, as I did.
It puts you in the mood the book sets, transporting you into another time.
(Like how I would feel after watching Ice Princess back in the day, and all I'd want to do was put on a skirt and roller skate around my room.)
Well that's all I have to say about that. I think anyone wishing to read it should go into it pretty much clueless, because there is just such a nice little surprise towards the end. I will say chapter seven was my most favorite. Which is kind of crazy to name a favorite chapter of a book. I've never been able to do that before.

I hope you all have an amazing day.
I also hope you've heard the boy's new single Drag Me Down.
Last night was insane. I'm not sure what those boys think they are accomplishing by nearly putting me into a comma, but they are getting somewhere.


additionally I want to apologize for my webcam quality photos they are just too fun!

Friday, July 31, 2015



Recently I finished a book that I have placed second on my favorite books ever created ever list. (Name may be subject to change depending on if I feel like it.) Being second on my list is even more incredible than it would be in any other situation, because I tend to look at everything in layers. To give an example: A book from a series can't be my favorite book, because they belong on my favorite series layer of favorites. (If that makes any sense maybe leave a comment saying "I love yogurt".) Basically, I have ONE and only one favorite book ever and that is, The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle written by the wonderfully talented Avi. One day I will go into deep deep detail of every reason why I love that book,

The Martian by Andy Weir.
(My beautiful copy pictured below)

(This book was so absolutely fantastic I can't even begin to imagine how I am going to put how much I love it into words. Wow.)
Let me start off by saying that the cover is absolutely magnificent!  Alright, so I see this beautiful book in Target (Target's great). I had previously laid eyes upon it on amazon, added it to my wishlist, and decided I wanted to buy it. All good things. So I finally buy this magical piece of artwork. I didn't even realize that in my hands I held one of the best LITERARY CREATIONS I WILL PROBABLY (maybe? this is kind of a large statement, but I am feeling it) EVER READ!!

Andy Weir is a handsome nerdy little science genius. 

We are introduced into the whole book with the first four words, "I'm pretty much fucked."
In that second in time I had to close the book and just, internally victory screech, because immediately I knew I was hooked.

Mark Watney, an engineer and botanist on the newest mission to Mars, Ares 3, ends up (as he put it) being pretty much fucked. Sixth day on the planet and a sandstorm drives his crew back into space, and eventually back to earth. That was the plan for all six of the crew until a flying antennae catches Mark off guard and he falls off the radar of his friends. When he finally wakes up he finds out he is alone on Mars. Alive for now, the next mission doesn't arrive for another 400 days. Everyone thinks he is dead, he's even pretty sure he'll probably die, but he has hope. His incredible skills of botany and engineering come into play while down on earth a caffeinated satellite monitor might have just found evidence of his survival. 

It's not long before an earth filled with grief for the loss of a beloved astronaut comes to find their might be hope to bring him home.... or on the other more morbid hand, a devastating broadcast of the first mans death on mars. 

You just have to read it. It is brilliant, if I have ever seen anything brilliant. The characters are wonderful and the dialogue is great. Our main character Mark is sassy and hilarious. Although the book is fiction it feels so real when you are reading it which makes growing an attachment to the characters even easier. I just highly recommend this book. Everything about it is a good time.

Do Not Read Further If you Hate Spoilers!
(Fun fact! I love spoilers!)

This book was absolutely amazing, because of many things. 
So I'm going to list them.
#1. I love when a story doesn't need to end happily. Throughout this entire novel I was seriously questioning whether he would live in the end or not and that gave it such an interesting element. I was so attached to Mark, I was of course rooting for him, but the story was so real and believable that I thought he might actually die. Which made everything so much more epic! Thankfully he didn't and we got that amazingly hilarious scene when the crew was saving him where he mentions Iron Man. (For future reference Iron Man is my favorite Avenger, Tony Stark, favorite superhero, Robert Downey Jr, Favorite actor, favorite favorite.) 
#2. I love every single one of the characters in this book. Absolutely every character. The men from NASA, the rest of Marks crew, the media lady. All of them had distinct very memorable personalities and character traits. One of my favorite NASA guys is Teddy , he is always late and is always "squaring his papers". I didn't even really know the guy, but I feel like I know the guy! Even though you know mark the best and you get to hear things from Marks pov the most I still feel like I know the other characters well and that makes me very happy. 
#3. Mark Watney now and forever will be, possibly, my all time favorite male character. In this moment in time I can think of no one I like more. His entire outlook on the situation was so incredibly funny and blunt and just so fun to read from. He made this terrifying situation into a fun trip. He used his time wisely and was fantastically intelligent about pretty much everything he did. He is an engineer, and a bit of a scientist I'd like to say, so there was loads of "if I fail just try try again". He was so tenacious and fervent about his work. His character made the book incredibly humorous I cried from laughing at least 100 times. 
#4. When a character is gifted with dumb luck. One of my favorite elements of this book was Marks dumb luck. While he is incredibly smart, sometimes things don't work out, but he still manages to survive. The best part about his dumb luck is that he recognizes it! He may tend to be a bit less cautious, because there is already a huge chance he might die (especially in the beginning.) But he is always so surprised when he lives after a near death experience and is so happy when things work out for him. It is just so great to read.
#5. He makes a potato farm in order to survive! He is so unconventional in his methods, but it works! He is so incredibly intelligent and I love that about him. I have always envied people who are good at math and science and he excels in both of those subjects. Plus, Botany? The botanist is ALWAYS the best character when it comes to space adventures. Their title is supposed to sound so lame, but it is so fantastic what they are there to accomplish! Is it possible to grow food in order to sustain human life on Mars? Mark can now let earth know that potato's work. It is just so interesting to see what is obviously Andy's thinking process transferred onto these pages and read as Mark's ideas. Everything he does is something I would never have thought of. I'd be dead if I was ever in his situation. (That's not saying much because I'd die in any situation where the goal was to survive. Hunger games? I'd be dead at the foot of the cornucopia.)

Main point I mean to get across:
Andy Weir is brilliant.
Mark Watney is incredible. 

(Thank you for being lovely!)

In conclusion.
Everyone just needs to read this book. You don't need to love it as much as I do obviously, and maybe go in expecting not to love it. Expect it to be pretty damn good and definitely interesting, especially if you love science things and the possibility of an absolutely perfect main character. 

10/10 do recommend. 




You may notice that the word Bahama keeps being used on my blog. I know what you are probably thinking, "Oh yes! The Bahamas, that popular, luxuriously exotic, island vacation spot!" But jokes on you! It's just my name! For mostly just the purposes of fun. My real name is Toni, but that is boring. Around a year ago I adopted the twitter handle "@tonibahama" and I love it so much I am using it here! EXCEPT EXCLUDING MY NAME COMPLETELY AND ADDING A BOOKISH ELEMENT MUHAHAH!!!

Basically, I love books. 
I just recently found myself in the wonderful BookTube community! Lovely faces like Jesse, Christine, Kat, Sara, Sasha, and Regan all made their way onto my laptop screen! And I am now slowly getting into this new exciting thing I found!! I just recently joined Sasha and Regan's book club on Goodreads called Perustopia! The book for August is called Rook by Sharon Cameron, and I am overly excited! I plan to pop on over here and review that when I am finished for sure, but I might also come on and rant whenever I want!!

I have never done something like this, but I am thrilled to see how this all turns out! I hope someone else can stick around with me and enjoy this too (Plus books! So that is always great!)